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Maison Smith

Thirst Aid Flask 240 ML

Thirst Aid Flask 240 ML

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Wrapped in a heavy-weight cotton canvas cover, this flask boasts a BPA-free, leak-proof, and airtight liner, securely holding an impressive 245 ml/8 oz of your favorite libation.

This canvas canteen is the perfect companion 'on the go'. Proudly made in the USA, it features rugged cotton canvas construction and showcases design-forward graphics, making it a statement piece wherever you take it.

The innovation lies in the food-grade silicone cap that easily pops off to serve as a convenient 1 oz shot glass, adding to your drinking experience. Versatile and practical, it's a flask like no other.

Caring for this canteen is hassle-free. Simply rinse the liner or use a bottle brush with warm water and a bit of dish soap. The exterior can be easily washed with soap and water, allowing it to air dry completely before your next adventure.

With a generous capacity of 245 ml/8 oz and a compact size of 5”x 8", this flask ensures you can enjoy your favorite beverage wherever you are. Elevate your drinking moments with the CapaBunga Thirst Aid Flask. 

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