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Maison Smith

Wicked Witch Perfume

Wicked Witch Perfume

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Crafted with enchanting, all-natural ingredients free from phthalates and other skin-aggravating substances commonly found in conventional fragrances, Maison Smith's Wicked Witch perfume line offers a selection of four captivating scents. These small-batch perfumes are meticulously handmade with natural bases that are perfect for year-round wear, with a particularly delightful allure in the fall.

OCTOBER - An enchanting amber perfume featuring a smoky rose heart and uplifting citrus top notes. It captures the essence of sunrise, sunset, open landscapes, and autumn's beauty, making it a versatile choice for any season.

BELONGING - A fusion of leather and a green floral heart, accentuated by Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, and Lavender notes. A harmonious blend that unites the masculine and feminine aspects. Be your own longing.

OWL - A perfume that weaves a patchouli tobacco base into a Davana and Palo Santo heart, with a captivating carnation top accord. This fragrance exudes mystery, uniqueness, and magic, designed to resonate with every facet of the Divine Feminine.

GAIA - A refreshing, light green perfume that evokes the image of a blooming meadow. Infused with the scents of hay, vetiver, rose, and frankincense, it offers a delightful blend that uplifts, brings joy, and soothes. A perfect choice for any occasion.

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