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Sam Shepard New Mexico by John Miller

Sam Shepard New Mexico by John Miller

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Sam Shepard, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, author, screenwriter, actor, and director had a deep bond with Santa Fe, where he lived in the 1980s and from 2010-2015. But Shepard had some nomad in him, and beginning with Motel Chronicles in 1982, he spent just as much time crisscrossing the deserts of New Mexico as he did living in any one city.

As friend Johnny Dark said: “He lived in Santa Fe, but he also lived in hotels and on the road.... He might have been running away or he might have been running toward something.” Twenty years earlier, traveling from Oklahoma to LA, the artist Ed Ruscha traversed the same territory, creating ghostly images of New Mexico gas stations. Now, in this limited edition volume, these two restless storytellers combine their talents to paint a unique portrait of New Mexico.

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