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Maison Smith

Round Pixie Studs in Silver

Round Pixie Studs in Silver

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For his spring collection, Ezra Sage presents his Shades of Spring earring collection. This collection features beautiful natural green turquoise from the Southwest, reminiscent of the blossoming of plants and new growth of springtime. Set in fine and sterling silver, each of these earrings is a completely one-of-a kind work of art.

This pair of earrings features a matched pair of stones from the Pixie Turquoise Mine, hand cut and polished by the artist. Pixie turquoise is a extremely rare and highly sought after turquoise mine located in Crescent Valley, Nevada that produces beautiful bright greens with excellent matrix.

These earrings are hand fabricated by the artist using fine and sterling silver. The backs are stamped “SAGE” and “925” to verify authenticity and metal purity. They feature 14 karat gold posts for both durability and to protect those with metal sensitivity.

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