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Maison Smith

Queen of Hearts Necklace

Queen of Hearts Necklace

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Not the impulsive dame furieuse of Alice in Wonderland, but the supremely empathetic, vulnerable and sensitive woman who offers unconditional love. She is composed and well put-together. She is regal and wise. She simultaneously protects, comforts, nurtures and heals. She finds her balance. Which leads us to the color turquoise - connected to the healing energy of water and striking blue-greens of the sea. The rhythm and movement of the waves help purify the body and mind, balance the need to both float and anchor, and ultimately find our way back to center. Magnesite inspires creative visualization.

Winter / Garland Collection
Unlimited Edition
Necklace #CNH2313
41” Sautoir Length

Materials: Symmetrical columns of magnesite heart beads in turquoise blue (16mm) meet a matte silver (plated over brass) O chain with alternating 7mm/4.8mm links. Linked by 18 ga. silver wire loops.

{ Please note: these beads are not carved from natural turquoise stone, but are made to look similar to this historic material (dyed & stabilized magnesite has a similar matrix pattern and pop of color). One of the main differences between the materials is that magnesite does not contain copper. Why magnesite? I have not yet found a heart-shaped carved turquoise bead that satisfies my aesthetic requirements for this necklace. Hope you dig them as much as I do. Questions? Just reach out. }

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