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Maison Smith

Gua Sha Facial Heart Massage Stone

Gua Sha Facial Heart Massage Stone

Indulge in the rejuvenating art of facial gua sha—an ancient Chinese massage technique employing a stone to boost circulation and lymphatic flow. Elevate your skincare routine as it enhances the absorption of moisturizer and face oil, leaving your skin deeply nourished. Beyond the beauty benefits, the experience is simply delightful.

Embark on your gua sha journey with a freshly cleansed face, applying moisturizer or face oil. Begin by gently stroking down the neck for lymphatic drainage, but when focusing on the face, stroke upwards and outwards.

As the flat stone glides over your facial contours, it becomes a guide revealing nuanced details about your facial tension—peaks, valleys, and knots. Detect tension points, perhaps in your forehead or along the jawline, and let gua sha massage work its magic in releasing them. Heightened awareness may lead to a more relaxed state for your facial muscles.

Consistency is key for optimal results in facial gua sha. For an extra indulgence, extend the therapeutic touch to your shoulders and back with the gua sha stone. Elevate your self-care routine, one stroke at a time.

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