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Maison Smith

Brass Quaking Aspen Earrings

Brass Quaking Aspen Earrings

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Named for the “quaking aspen tree” (populus tremuloides), these earrings are inspired by the flat, rounded leaves that flutter or quake as the wind passes through (in this case, coins as leaves and rings as wind). The combination of beautiful white bark, dancing leaves and growth in dense groves connected by a single root system (called a “clone”) creates a canopied space underneath like no other. In autumn, the leaves transform from green to a vibrant yellow. These trees are a big part of life in the Santa Fe area, from the rustling chorus to the fast-changing golden explosion on the mountainside.


Spring / Garland Collection
Unlimited Edition
Earrings #CEA2303
3.75” Length

Materials: Handmade gold-plated brass “coin” beads shimmer between 18 ga brass wire loops and jump rings, and suspend from gold plated stainless steel ear hooks. Full length top to bottom is 3.75” (including hook).

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